Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Feng Shui Bathroom2:

Water is a flow of energy

Hide your toilet from the outside.
-- Imagine people walk pass your bathroom and see the toilet all the time. It should be even worse, if the house (and toilet) is old. Who would want to walk in that area.

If the space is not favor this Feng Shui Bathroom use some big frame to block toilet from people's eyes.

Big miror increases energy.
-- Try putting big mirror in your bathroom. You will immedietly feel a big difference. It will make your bathroom bigger and more lively. People who use bathroom will feel very comfortable with the help from big mirror.

Use glass bell or wind bell
-- Glass bell or wind bell is an excellent decoration for Feng Shui Bathroom. Hang it between the door and toilet area to hold the energy not to flow out of your bathroom too quickly.

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